Enum in Python

Enum is a collection of symbolic names and its values are unique and constant. In essence enums are collection of constants.

You can use enum when you have a specific string or integer appearing in several places in the code. By placing enum instead of a string, you would avoid possible errors that could be result of typos in your code.

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Up and Running With Python Logging Facility

Python comes bundled with logging module. This module is very versatile, and feature rich. However, as a beginner, you mostly want to just get up and runnig, and use the logger in the most simple way. Luckally, logging in Python does not have to be hard and painful.

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Python Project Layout

One of the biggest problems for me, when I was a beginner, was how to structure my Python project. Finally I’ve learned the basics when I was reading Learn Python the Hard Way. You need to have a proper structure for your project in order to make things easier for you and the contributors. This article will present you with a project skeleton that will help you get up and running with the new projects faster. [Read More]

log-log Plot of Covid-19 Using Plotly

From time to time I check on the Covid-19 trends using the log-log diagram. This plot is characterized with total number of cases shown on the X axis, and number of new confirmed cases in the past week shown on the Y axis. In order to reproduce this plot I will be using plotly.

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