Privacy Policy

We care about privacy as much as you do. This web site uses only a minimum of information provided by third-party services that are needed in order to operate.

Data we collect

We collect two types of data: anonymized analytics, and personal emails (if a reader signs up for our newsletter). The web site uses the following technologies:

Plausible: This is used to track data such as number of visitors, page views, or bounce rate.

TinyLetter: A newsletter service. Reader can choose to subscribe to our mailing list using TinyLetter.

Why do we collect your data?

We collect only the most basic data that we need in order to run a meaningful operation of this web site. We use mailing list to notify subscribed readers about latest posts. We don’t advertise any third party or run any affiliate marketing using our mailing list.

The analytics is used to provide us a more clear picture of how our readers are using the site, giving us insight into popularity of our content, and how many visitors are actually interested in our content. This informs us which posts are most liked so we can produce content more relevant to you, the reader.

Sharing information with third-party services

We will never disclose our mailing list to third-parties. We don’t sell our mailing list, nor do we use it for affiliate advertisement campaigns.

You information is shared only with the provider of third-party services the web site is using (i.e. with the TinyLetter).

All analytics data is an aggregate data collected by Plausible. No personal or identifiable data is collected or stored.

Your information is secure

This web site is powered by Hugo, a static site generator, which does not connected to any database, block, or object storage service. The site is hosted using GitLab Pages.

Collected data (i.e. email, and analytics) are kept by third party service. Namely:

Deleting your information

If you are subscribed to our mailing list you can unsubscribe at any moment, or request from us to remove you from the mailing list. If you’ve sent us any email, we can delete them too (we occasionally delete most of the sent emails/questions anyway). You can mail us at with the request to delete data related to you.


This web site is not using cookies.

Compliance with regulations

We regularly review this policy, and are making sure that we are compliant with relevant regulations.

About this policy

This policy takes effect on 17.05.2020. Readers that are subscribed to the mailing list will be notified to the changes in the privacy policy in a timely manner. If you are not on the mailing list, this policy will be reachable to you at any moment on this page, and any cookie consent form will be up to date with the latest policy changes.

We're not spammers, and you can opt-out at any moment. We hate spam as much as you do.

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