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Yeah, you’ve guessed it, this is the page where I shill technologies that I use, together with the affiliate links. To be honest, I really do recommend (and actively use) all the services that are listed here. And two things are common to all of the services listed below: good service, and quick response time from the support. The second one is especially important to me, since I tend to be a real Karen when things go wrong (I’m really not proud of that).

By using these affiliate links, we both get benefits or extra credits for the services.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Logo

OK, you all know about this one! I’ve been using them since I’ve started my career in IT. When I needed a cheap server in a few seconds to test things out, boom! They should be accepting debit cards too, just ask them if they don’t offer it by default (that was the case few years ago, at least). And as a personal advice, as a fresh dev or ops, you wouldn’t believe how much you can do, and how much you can learn, with a five bucks droplet.

At the moment, Software Adept is using their free DNS service. In the future the site will migrate to their VPS.

A developer used this link to sign up. You won’t believe what happened next! Logo

You may have, or may have not heard about, but they are the registry website for the .xyz domains. In my early days when I was fresh and did quite a lot of sys admin work, I found myself constantly in the need for a domain to test things out, but I didn’t want to cash a normal domain. Luckily you don’t need to break a buck, since they offer 1.111B Class of .xyz domains i.e. numbered domains. You can use them for testing and development. And it’s only $0.99! Of course, you can also use them for production, but how memorable is

*Slaps roof of .xyz* This bad boy can fit so many DNS records in it.

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